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To provide a safe and successful transition for women and children.


We know the future of our society lies with the health and the success of our children and our communities. We exist to strengthen, encourage, and to help families successfully transition into healthy productive citizens in society.

Especially, families who have been destroyed by the systemic cycle of female incarceration; families who have lost their way and slipped into the throes of homelessness, poverty, and addiction. We give voice to those impeded and strangled by the system of incarceration. We take the initiative to arbitrate for the women and children who are trapped in a devastating cycle that breeds low self-esteem and minimal education, leading to the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness with little to draw from.  

Our mission is simple, we help reunite families and re-define cultural norms. We are dedicated to creating new strategies that will forever defeat the dilemma of addiction, poverty, abuse, crime and homelessness. We give families a reason to dream again and to hope; we help them rebuild their lives, families, and future. We raise the standard in the communities we serve. The work that we do is absolutely priceless and indispensable!

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