Frequently asked questions

What is your Vision & Purpose?

  1. To provide a healthy home which will nurture, love and empower those that are transitioning back into society.
  2. Assist clients to be productive through job placement, training, education and social stability.
  3. Help clients identify and overcome negative habits and patterns in their lives which will destroy their future by providing residential services including faith-based classes, advocacy, mentoring, counseling, financial mentoring, Alcoholic/Narcotics Anonymous.
  4. Form a network of transitional homes to intercept women transitioning either from prison or to divert those who will go to prison without intervention.

Do you only accept cash donations?

Raising The Standard Ministries, Inc. welcomes all types of donations: time, money, furniture and appliances, vehicles, etc.

How many women have you helped?

Since opening in September of 1999, starting with one home, RTSM has transitioned 1500+ women. Until five years ago, the majority of clients were ex-offenders coming out of prison. The average stay of a client is 6 - 12 months.

What resources do you offer?

RTSM, Inc. has a wide variety of resources the “wrap” around the client; there is a Licensed Professional Counselor that is available at any given time if there should be a client in crisis as well as allied agencies that RTSM has a networking relationship with. Those agencies are:

  • The Referral Center
  • Northcare
  • Red Rock Behavioral Services
  • The Crisis Center
  • Healing Hands Healthcare Agency
  • Mary Mahoney Memorial Center
  • OK Mental Health Court
  • OK Drug Court
  • Transformation Recovery
  • Workforce
  • Drug Recovery Inc.
  • Family Recovery Counseling Services
  • Dept. of Human Services
  • Community Sentencing
  • Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections
  • OK County Honorable Judge Kenneth Watson

Are you a church?

RTSM, Inc. is not a church but we function under the covering of a local church, The Secret Place Community Church; this non-denominational church provides a strong spiritual foundation for the women while in transition; not only are they exposed to the things of the Father, but they are able to become actively involved with community outreach as SPCC endeavors to reach the neighboring region by being an example of the Christ.

How much money actually goes to help the women?

In FY2019 95% of RTSM expenditures went to client programs and operational services.

Can I voulnteer?

A variety of Volunteer Positions are available from builders and landscapers to office assistants. The ministry can use your talents!

Are you 501(c)(3) accredited?

Raising The Standard Ministries, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 agency dedicated to helping women transition into healthy, productive citizens in society.

What is your phone number?

(405) 427-4322 EXT2

What is your mailing address?

P.O. Box 2245 Oklahoma City, OK 73101

How can I donate?

* Raising the Standard Ministries is a 501 (C) 3 organization and donations to RTSM are tax deductible as allowed by law. Immediate Donation Methods: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card/debit cards. Additional Donation Methods: Check & Cash : Make check out to Raising the Standard Ministries. Mail your donation to P.O. Box 2245 Oklahoma City, OK 73101

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